Thursday, April 7, 2011

What to Expect Giveaway!

I'm a factual person. I gather facts from multiple sources and make my own decisions. I'm a researcher - it's what I was trained and am paid to do in real life.

Back when we decided to try to get pregnant - the only things I knew about pregnancy were what I learned on that one awkward elementary school field trip where only one boy was comfortable enough to say the words "vagina" and "penis" in front of the class.

The rest of us just squirmed and avoided eye contact.

SO...I needed info. A lot of info.

I turned to various sources, but my favorite go-to book for conception (and associated frustration), pregnancy month-by-month what to expect, birthing process, and bringing the little thing home...was What to Expect When You're Expecting.

Admittedly, the one that I dog-eared, read and re-read was a much more dated version.

I am pleased to announce that I have partnered with (I KNOW, I didn't know they had a website either!) for a giveaway of shiny new What to Expect when You're Expecting books!

Ladies and Gents, I have SIX books to giveaway - sitting here ready to go.

Are you interested? Do you know someone who is pregnant?  A table that is terribly off balance?

I have SIX books to give away folks!


I'm not doing any crazy earn-an-entry stuff here. Please comment below and share the link to this page with your friends!! I will pick winners on Saturday, so hop to it and spread the word!