Thursday, April 15, 2010

My world has become abnormally ... well ... normal

Sorry I didn't write on Monday. Did you miss me?

I'm running dry on topics here lately...the baby's colic is gone. She's teething, but sleeping through the night anyway (mostly). I'm getting work done. Dog's are keeping their bowel movements under control. I've even done dishes and laundry! Frozen skillet dinners are keeping the family fed.

What the hell?

Totally NOT complaining!

I'm excited to have things under control...for the moment. It's a matter of calm before the storm, really.

So, for now, I'm living in the moment. Getting MORE work done, enjoying clean underwear, and swinging in the hammock with my giggly babygirl in 80 degree April weather.

Now is when the photographer takes the picture. All plates are spinning, and I've managed to put a smile on my face and erase the worry lines on my forehead for a split second.

My cape is blowing...

Super Momma!!!


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